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fund raising for schools

Welcome to our webpage about fundraising for schools! At Zanypig, we understand that schools often require additional funding to meet their needs beyond what is provided by the government or school fees. Therefore, we offer a unique fundraising idea for primary schools across the UK that can help raise additional funds without taking up too much time and effort from the Parent’s Committee.

Exclusive Shopping Event

Our exclusive VIP shopping event at our online toy shop offers an excellent opportunity for parents, friends, and families to purchase gifts while supporting the school’s fundraising efforts. We are happy to offer up to 5% payback of each order value, which can quickly amount to hundreds of pounds for school projects. This incentive is unique in the UK and provides a different approach to fundraising ideas for schools.

Presents for Children

Parents spend a considerable amount of money on birthday and Christmas presents for their children. By encouraging parents to purchase gifts from Zanypig’s online toy shop, schools can raise a significant amount of money for their fundraising efforts. For instance, if 300 children purchase a birthday present for a friend, the school can easily raise £200. When you add Christmas present buying to the mix, this can quickly amount to £1,000, which can significantly benefit your school’s fundraising efforts.

Fundraising Event In 2020,

Oakham School

Zanypig supported Oakham School by donating Christmas presents to homeless children and their families. Together, we managed to support over 300 gifts provided by students and parents for families in temporary hostel accommodation. This was a very proud moment for Zanypig and has given us the impetus to keep supporting schools in their fundraising efforts.

How to Fundraise for Your School

If you are interested in raising funds for your school, please get in touch with us at [email protected] or call (07971) 136746. We can help you set up a unique code for parents to use at the checkout and provide you with social media ideas for fundraising for schools. You can decide if you want any funds generated from sales to go solely to the school or if you prefer to provide parents with an incentive discount to buy. We often get schools providing a share of the benefit, such as a 5% payback to the school and a 5% discount to parents.

Once you have agreed on how you want to raise money, we will arrange a monthly, quarterly, or annual reimbursement of the money raised. We make it easy and quick for schools to start raising funds for their projects.

At Zanypig, we are passionate about supporting schools in their fundraising efforts. Check out our online toy shop and see how we can help you raise funds for your school. We look forward to hearing from you!