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Craft Gifts for Children

Craft gifts for children offer numerous benefits and advantages. Not only do they provide a fun and engaging activity for children, but they also promote creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills. Craft kits allow children to express themselves, explore their interests, and develop their fine motor skills. Additionally, crafting can be a great way for children to relax, reduce stress, and boost their self-esteem. By choosing craft gifts for children, you are not only giving them a present, but also a valuable opportunity for growth and development. Gifting a creative kit is also a great antidote to screen time.

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  • Floss & Rock Magnetic Multi Play Scene – Construction

  • Create an Amazing Animal Kingdom Giant Map

  • Petit Collage My Felt Bag Sewing Set

  • Petit Collage Merry Christmas Pop-Out Advent Calendar

  • Petit Collage My Pom-Pom Friends Craft Kit

  • Create Your Own Extraordinary Elephant

  • Floss & Rock Magnetic Multi Play Scene – Fantasy

  • Floss & Rock Magnetic Multi Play Scene – Dinosaur

  • Buddy & Barney Animal Book & Hand Art Craft Set

  • Create Your Own Gentle Giraffe Head

  • Create Your Own Buzzy Bee

  • Eggnogg Colour-in Giant Poster / Tablecloth – Dinosaurs

  • ReCycleMe Craft Kit: STEAM Technology

  • Create Your Own Dinosaur Timeline & World Map

  • Design Your Own Superhero Comic Book


See What We Have To Offer

We have brought to together a wide range of kits children will love completing.

When selecting a craft activity for a child, there are a few factors to consider to ensure you choose the perfect present. First, consider the child's age and skill level. Some creative activities may be too advanced for younger children, while others may be too simple for older children. We have made this easy for you to select a gift for a child, as you can shop by age group.

Next, think about the child's interests and hobbies. Do they enjoy painting, drawing, or colouring? Are they more interested in jewellery making or sewing? By selecting an activity that aligns with their interests, your gift is more likely to be appreciated by the child.

We have made this selection easy, as you can shop by theme. We have Dinosaur themed, Space theme or Unicorn themed. So, whatever your child is interested in, we should have a creative kit suitable for their latest passion.