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christmas present ideas for 3 year olds

Christmas Present Ideas for 3 Year Olds

Christmas is such an exciting and magical time for your little ones. They understand all about Christmas and really do believe in Father Christmas. With this in mind, we have brought together our suggestions for Christmas presents for 3 year olds. They come in all shapes and sizes and are sure not to disappoint any excitable 3 year old.

Heirloom Toys

If you’re looking for toys that can be passed down from one generation to the next. Our collection of wooden toys is perfect for this.

We understand that heirloom toys can sometimes cost rather more than what you would normally spend. But they can offer years of magical play and happy memories. Traditional wooden toys from Tender Leaf Toys are beautifully made and built with such timeless appeal. Making them perfect to pass down to a sibling or your children’s children.

A wooden dolls house is ideal for small world play. A dolls house can also be added to and updated as it is passed on to the next generation. With a new doll family or a new set of furniture. The Tender Leaf Farm is also a wooden toy which can be updated by adding new wooden animals to the menagerie.


Bath Time Fun

Children Toys for bath time are a great idea because they’re inexpensive and will be used every day. They also provide lots of sensory stimulation and help keep kids entertained at bath time. If you’re looking for something quite elaborate, consider getting a toy that has multiple functions like the Bath Time Waterfall. It has lots of valves to switch on and off. In the Bath Time Marble Run, kids will love watching the marbles race down the track splashing into the water. Toys which squirt water are always a hit at bath time, just make sure you duck!

Early Learning Toys

If you want to get your child excited, gift an early learning toy which can teach them something new. They are at a stage where everything is fun and they have such an appetite to learn. Playing and learning are one of the easiest things to do and something you can all enjoy!

For example, if your child loves playing outside and nature. You could get them our Weather Watch which teaches them about different types of weather. Or, if your child likes dinosaurs, you could get him a toy dinosaur that teaches them about bones and fossils.

Pretend Play Toys

Children love immersing themselves in pretend play. Pretend play toys encourage a child to explore their imagination and creativity. Playing pretend play games will develop a child’s social and emotional skills while they are having fun playing with a friend or sibling.

Our pretend play toys come in different shapes and sizes. So whatever your toddler wants to pretend to be we are sure to have a pretend play toy to suit.

Kid’s Accessories

Children always like to look good and look the part, so buying them a new backpack or a new umbrella with their favourite animal or theme on will always put a smile on a 3 year old’s. We have a great range of kid’s accessories from Floss & Rock, Colour Changing Umbrellas, belt bags and kid’s backpacks.

Our Top Picks

I hope I have made buying a Christmas present for a 3 year old a little easier. We also have other toys that your 3 year old would love including Jigsaw Puzzles for Children or Toys for Bath Time! If you need anymore advice and help please drop me an email and I will be happy to help [email protected].

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