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colouring in giant dinosaurs tablecloth

A Warm Welcome to Eggnogg Colour-in

To celebrate the arrival of our new brand Eggnogg Colour-in as a new addition to our crafts for children range. I thought it best to introduce Eggnogg Creative kits to you and all their fantastic colouring-in activities.

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Eggnogg Colour-in was founded by designer and illustrator Kate Edmunds while on holiday in Italy with her young family. She spent time in the local pizzeria, and on each visit, the waiter would cover the table with a white paper tablecloth and plonk down a pot of colouring pencils.

The children spent the evening happily colouring and doodling on the plain white tablecloth.  Kate and her husband were overjoyed as this enabled the family to enjoy an evening dining out without the children on screens or complaining they were bored.

Creative Colouring Activities

This event inspired Kate to develop various creative and fun colouring-in activities to encourage children to enjoy the art of colouring. Filled with quirky characters, animals and puzzles, Eggnogg Colour-in products include tablecloths/giant posters. They are great to throw over a table or on the floor at a children’s birthday party or any celebration.  The colour-in tablecloths are sure to be an instant hit with the children, and you may even find an adult or two joining the party and enjoying some colouring in therapy.

The colouring fun can continue when out and about or even on holiday. The range includes books of colour in cards.  Small enough to pop in a pocket and bring out when it’s colouring in time. The books are a fun-filled colouring-in craft activity and include 24 individual fun designs. Each card can be coloured in, cut out and stand up to be displayed or sent to someone as a postcard or thank you card.   

Over time the Eggnogg range of creative gifts has expanded to include Amazing Animals, Puzzle-time, Dinosaurs and Unicorn and Fairies.

We hope you love Eggnogg Colour-in as much as we do, and we would love to see some of your creations, so either tag @zanypiggifts or email [email protected]

Benefits of Colouring Activities for Children

Colouring in activities has far-reaching benefits for children, which can last a lifetime. Introduce your little ones to the therapeutic and creative practice of colouring in and doodling as soon as possible to open an array of learning opportunities. Discover the benefits of encouraging children to enjoy the simple pleasure of doodling and colour-in craft activities.

eggnogg colour in poster

Improves Handwriting Skills

Colouring helps children gain control over their hand coordination and strength, as well as develop attention to detail. These are fundamental elements for being able to write both printed letters and cursive scripts.

Improves Motor Skills

Using pencils or felt tips regularly helps strengthen fine motor skills, such as pencil grip. Activities such as colouring in can provide the perfect opportunity to practice these skills while strengthening hand-eye coordination and improving concentration.

Improves Confidence and Self Esteem

Regularly completing projects, such as creative doodling or puzzles, can help to build children’s inner strength, giving them the boost of accomplishment and pride necessary for positive self-esteem.

Colour Recognition

Colouring with felt tips or colouring pencils helps a child become familiar with colours.  They will begin to learn the primary colours and lesser-known shades as they choose the colours they use in their colouring-in creations.

Stimulates Creativity

Colouring is not just a fun activity that can help keep kids entertained. It also has its benefits in terms of creativity and mental development. By letting them colour within the lines or freely, kids can express their imaginations and be more creative while gaining an appreciation for design aesthetics. Furthermore, this activity can also spark imagination and motivate kids to develop new ideas. It also provides invaluable screen-free time.

Self Expression

Colouring-in gives a child a blank canvas to express themselves using colour and shapes.

Therapeutic and Stress Relieving

Colouring is a calming and therapeutic activity for kids. It gives children a chance to switch off from the outside world completely. They can relax and enjoy losing themselves in the art creation, allowing them to process their feelings, frustrations and emotions.

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