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Easter Games and crafts

Easy Easter Games and Crafts For Kids To Try

Easter is a season for celebration and fun with family, and it can be even more enjoyable for kids when games and crafts are available. Whether you’re planning a big celebration or just looking for some simple activities to do with the kids, there are plenty of easy Easter games and crafts to enjoy. Here are a few of our favourite simple, easy-to-follow ideas for Easter games and crafts your children will love.

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Easter Egg Hunt

The classic Easter egg hunt is one of the most exciting Easter games for kids. You can make this game as simple or as complicated as you like, depending on the age of your children. Hide some colourful eggs around the house or garden and let the kids hunt for them. You can turn it into a scavenger hunt to make it even more exciting, with clues leading the children to each egg.

Easter Baking

Easter is a time for sweet treats, and what better way to celebrate than with some Easter baking activities? There are plenty of easy recipes that kids can help with, from decorating Easter theme biscuits to making chocolate nests for chicks to sit in. You could also try making hot cross buns or Easter cupcakes with colourful frosting and decorations.

easter baking

Make an Easter Bonnet

Another fun Easter craft activity for children is making an Easter bonnet. You can use any hat or cap as a base and decorate it with flowers, ribbons, feathers, and other Easter-themed items. Once the bonnets are finished, have an Easter parade around the garden to show them off.

Easter Time Gardening

The weather should have improved by the time we get to Easter. Get the kids outside and enjoy the garden. Why not get the kids involved in some Easter-themed gardening? You could plant some spring bulbs, such as daffodils or tulips, or even create an Easter-themed garden with flowers and decorations. You could also make some Easter-themed plant markers using wooden sticks and paint.

Toss the Bunny Game

For some fun for all the family, try making a Toss the Bunny game. You will need some stuffed bunny toys and some baskets or buckets. Line up the baskets or buckets and take turns trying to toss the bunnies into them. You could make it more challenging by increasing the distance or adding obstacles.

Cotton Ball Bunnies

This simple craft is both adorable and fun. Have some cotton balls, feathers, pom-poms and glue ready. Then, help your children stick the cotton balls to the front of a piece of bunny shaped felt or card to make a cute bunny body or face. Then cover the card or felt in glue and begin to stick the cotton balls or feathers onto the card. If making a bunny you can add googly eyes and a cute nose. Lastly, add a couple of pom-poms on the back for the bunny’s tail.

cotton tail bunny

Download our Easter Theme Craft Activities

We also have our free downloadable craft activities, which are ideal for keeping little ones entertained during the Easter Holidays.

Easter Treats

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Read more: Easy Easter Games and Crafts For Kids To Try

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