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Crafts for Kids: Why Crafting is Crucial in Children’s Development

As parents, you are consistently striving for the best for your children. Always looking for opportunities to expand creativity and encourage development. Crafting is crucial in children’s development. Children’s craft activities offer extensive learning opportunities. Using natural methods and basic step-by-step directions, your children are inheriting the skills they need to succeed in everyday life.

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Although outdoor crafts and activities are a fantastic way to keep little minds and hands busy. They are very weather dependent.  This is why we have put together a ‘fail safe’, a ‘let’s get crafting despite the weather’ list of our recommended children’s craft activities. Sure to ignite those crafting passions.

We hope these will fill your hearts and minds with wonder, excitement and enthusiasm for all things crafty. But first – Let’s take a closer look at why crafting is crucial in your child’s development.

Benefits of Children’s Craft Activities

There are some truly amazing benefits to encouraging our children to engage in crafts.

Crafts can help:

  • Reduce stress & improve mental well-being – crafts for kids are a fantastic way to support your children through difficult situations. Not only will crafting provide an outlet for your children to express themselves, develop mindfulness and have fun. It is also a fantastic opportunity for them to learn lifelong skills in self-awareness, self-esteem and the importance of identifying when they need ‘time out’.
  • Encourage creativity –  through craft play, such as children’s painting, you are providing the tools they need to become creative & imaginative. As creativity often fosters mental growth in children. By participating in children’s crafts, you are also supporting their core sense of self-esteem. Which will help them to accept new ways of thinking and be better equipped to deal with problem-solving.
  • Develop patience – although we live in a world with instant gratification. We are aware as adults that not everything happens instantly. This is a lesson that children are taught during their early years of development. But did you know that crafting is perfect for this? Children’s painting, for example, teaches children the art of ‘patience’ and that their painting may take more than one session because it needs to dry or set before moving on. This method can also be used later in life as an analogy for them.
  • Improve gross and fine motor movements – crafts for children are perfect ways to explore and develop gross and fine motor skills. Children can participate in the exploration of new products and materials, all whilst being creative. Children’s colouring pencils are an excellent tool for developing motor movements. They often vary in size, meaning that children have to become more vigilant and aware of their grip and movements.
  • Encourage critical thinking and decision-making – during crafts; your children will be making choices depending on what they want. Colours, textures, shapes and varying sizes of objects are all choices available to them – they will decide when their craft project is complete. They will choose what to do differently next time around, and they will start to recognise and establish their own crafting preferences.
  • Develop communication skills-  children’s craft activities provide the perfect opportunities to develop communication skills. Crafting creates a ‘sharing’ environment where children are encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings about their work with their friends. Children can build on language skills by working together as they create in a fun environment.

For more information on why children’s craft activities are beneficial in their development, have a read of CBeebies ‘Six Ways Art and Craft Help Children Learn’ here

Our Recommended Craft Activities

If you are looking for fun and interactive ways to spend time with your children. Look no further than our recommended children’s craft activities. We have carefully selected crafts for children that are perfect for varying age groups. Ranging from inquisitive toddlers to older children.

  1. Clockwork Soldier – Paper Craft Kits – these beautiful paper activities provide the technological and digital break your children need. With lots of fantastic designs to choose from, these craft kits are perfect for holistic learning.
  • ReCycle Me Craft Kits – these amazing craft kits for children are perfect for teaching the art of upcycling. Eco-friendly, educational and innovative – hours of fun could be had with your child collecting household items and creating crafting wonders through imaginative play.
  • Cute Animal Felt Sewing Kit – this adorable animal felt sewing kit is the perfect arts and crafts for toddlers. Four animal designs included means that you and your little one could have hours of fun creating, developing skills and making memories together.
  • EggNogg Colour In – these stunning colouring for kids products really do provide something for all ages. From thank you cards, colouring posters, tablecloths, pop-up cards and felt tips you are in for a crafting treat when selecting from the EggNogg range.

If you want to know more about the benefits of craft activities for children and would like to speak with someone about our craft kits for children. Please reach out [email protected]. We would love to speak with you.

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