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gender neutral toys

Toys without Judgement

Gender Neutral Toys for Kids

Gender neutral toys are designed and marketed for both boys and girls. Breaking down gender stereotypes.

We have recently been awarded the Toymark award for good practice for marketing gender neutral toys by the Let Toys Be Toys organisation.

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This award is presented to toy retailers who have ditched the traditional way of marketing craft kits, bath time toys and jigsaw puzzles for children by offering “boys” toys and “girls” toys. Zanypig believes that toys are for all children to be played with and enjoyed. By marketing our gender neutral toys we are breaking the gender stereotypes. Which are often based on outdated ideas about how boys and girls should behave.

At Zanypig we understand that playing with toys is an important part of a child’s development. Developing their long-term attitudes and ambitions. Dividing toys into ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ or signposting along the pink/blue divide, we risk limiting the possibilities and interests of our children.

Why buy Gender Neutral Toys?

The idea behind gender-neutral toys is simple. If children play with them, they won’t be limited to playing with one type of toy. For example, if a boy plays with a doll, he might want to change her outfit or imagine making a dress for the doll to wear. If a girl plays with a truck, she might want to drive it and imagine being a lorry driver. Children should be allowed the freedom to try out new toys and learn about different kinds of things without being influenced by gender stereotypes.

What is Gender Stereotyping?

Gender stereotypes are often based on outdated ideas about how boys and girls should behave. They limit our choices and prevent us from being ourselves.

Why Does Gender Stereotyping Exist?

Gender stereotypes exist because people think that certain things are only appropriate for one gender or another. These beliefs are called gender norms. They are learned through socialisation and influence what we do and say. If we teach children that everyone has the same rights and opportunities, then we will help eliminate gender stereotypes.

Space adventure with girl

Our Top Picks of Gender Neutral Toys for Toddlers

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