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Introducing Willsow, the first ever plantable children’s book. This small independent company has made waves after securing funding from Sara Davies on Dragons’ Den.  Willsow’s unique books are made with special handmade paper, embedded with REAL vegetable and herb seeds to plant and grow.

Not only are these books a joy to read. They also provide an interactive experience for children to learn about growing vegetables and herbs. Each plantable book tells a delightful story filled with meaningful messages. You actually get to meet the main character of the story once you’ve grown them from seed.

With Willsow, reading is only the beginning. These books provide a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about the joys of gardening and the satisfaction of growing their own vegetables and herbs.

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  • Willsow Plantable Childrens Book – The Basil Who Built Bridges

  • Willsow Plantable Childrens Book – The Lettuce Who Wanted A New Look

  • Willsow Plantable Childrens Book -The Parsley Who Flew To The Rescue

  • Willsow Plantable Childrens Book – The Pumpkin Who Was Afraid Of The Dark