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Welcome to the enchanting world of Mentari, where innovation and sustainability come together to offer a fresh look at playtime. As a sister brand to our favourite Tender Leaf Toys. We proudly introduce Mentari, a collection of modern children’s wooden toys. While embracing affordability and eco-consciousness. Mentari wooden toys are crafted with care, using reclaimed rubberwood timber sourced from Indonesia, making each piece a delightful plaything and planet-friendly choice.

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  • Car Transporter

  • Pet Stacker

  • My First Train Set

  • Puppy On Wheels

  • Wooden Sunset Tunnel


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Educational and Developmental: Mentari wooden toys are designed to engage young children and encourage learning through play, from colourful building blocks that enhance fine motor skills to shape-sorting puzzles that boost cognitive development.  Wooden toys help to develop essential skills for preschoolers. As children play, they'll be exploring concepts like shapes, colours, numbers, and problem-solving in a fun and interactive way.

Affordable Sustainability: We believe in making sustainability accessible to all families. Our commitment to eco-friendliness extends to affordability, ensuring you can provide your children with high-quality, sustainable toys without breaking the bank. Mentari allows you to embrace conscious consumerism and introduce your children to the importance of caring for the environment.

Stunning New Designs: Prepare to be captivated by the stunning new designs that blend a contemporary look with functionality. Each Mentari toy is a masterpiece of thoughtful design. Featuring intricate details, vibrant colours, and ergonomic shapes that stimulate creativity and add a touch of elegance to playtime.

We hope you enjoy exploring the world of Mentari, where sustainable play meets affordability and contemporary design. It's a world where children's imaginations run wild, learning is disguised as fun, and eco-conscious choices become second nature. Browse our collection today and welcome a new era of playtime into your family's life.