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Unsure what to buy a child for a Birthday or for Christmas? Discover our ideas for gift inspiration, kid's activities, party games and much more...

Gift Ideas for 5 year olds

wild pines train set with children playing

Looking for gift ideas for 5 year olds and you want it to be an instant hit? Try giving them something they can play with right away. A toy that requires assembly, such as a puzzle or a dollhouse, is sure to be appreciated. You could also buy them a craft kit or a board game. These types of toys help teach children important life skills, such as problem solving and patience.


Party Games for Kids

Birthday party games for kids

Now we can all get together and celebrate Birthdays with friends and families. We are again organising birthday parties for children and looking for ideas for birthday party games for kids.


Spring Activities with Kids to Welcome the New Season

children balancing on a log

Signs that “Spring has Sprung” have well and truly arrived this week!  We are all now basking in sunshine and peeling off layers.  The official first day of Spring is 20th March which is the Spring Equinox. The days are getting longer at last!  We are all filled with the anticipation of a new season and excited to get outside to enjoy the great outdoors.


Jigsaws for Children

jigsaws for children and grandparents

Any jigsaw puzzle is a fun screen-free activity you can enjoy with your children. Goodness knows what we would have done without jigsaw puzzles over the past year or so.


Explore our Space Toys

space race toy

Space-themed toys are the hot ticket this Christmas

We have all seen recently in the news the thrilling trip to outer space by Jeff Bezos and William Shatner. Awe-inspiring stuff. This has led to children all wanting space toys this Christmas so they can have their own out-of-this-world experience.

space toys for kids

How to make travelling with kids fun this Summer

travelling with kids

The Summer holidays will shortly be upon us, are you ready for those long car journeys in the car with kids? After last half term holidaying in Cornwall for the week and spending 6 hours on the M5 with 2 young children in the back of the car I was relieved we had come prepared after only travelling 30 miles in 3 hours I knew it was going to be tough.


Stem Toys for young children

educational toys

When we launched Zanypig a couple of years ago, we knew including STEM toys in our range was very important to us. Now it’s one of our largest categories and includes many of our best sellers, including maths board games and educational toys. Little did we know then how important STEM toys would become in 2020 and into 2021. With the onset of Covid and the advent of mass home-schooling, educational toys are growing in popularity.


Make Time to Play

make time to play painting girls

The Role of Play in Your Child’s Development

“Make Time to Play” are four words which are so important for a child’s development physically and emotionally.   Experts believe that play is a vital part of a child’s development.

Play allows for many opportunities for children to keep active and be happy to learn and develop. We all know that children love to play, especially pretend play and games with rules. However, did you know that it’s not just for fun, it’s a vital part of how they grow and develop. Playing enhances learning, assists in language development, improves speech, and vocabulary. Whether they play alone, dreaming up role play characters or playing a board game with friends. Children do a lot of talking and listening while playing and this provides opportunities for social interactions and social skills.


Playful Creative Conversation

Did you know that the peak age to ask questions is 4 years old? Young children are naturally curious and always asking about the world. The education system tends to supress this quite quickly, but as parents we can keep nurturing the curiosity and creativity, by asking them all sorts of fun and stimulating questions:


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